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Tameka Jackson and a team of educators and community stakeholders in East Harlem will submit an application to form a charter school in Community School District 4, serving grades 6-12 for the Fall of 2015.  The VALOUR Charter School will serve students at-risk students, who have been unsuccessful in public and non-public schools and will implement a computer science program that will lead to certification and a REGENTS diploma.


The VALOUR Charter School will prepare middle and high school students with rigorous curriculums in English, Writing, Math, Technology and Personal Development.  Our model will empower students to develop the Vigilance to Overcome obstacles and Achieve their academic and life goals, while enabling them to become Resilient Leaders in the community with Unlimited possibilities.

School Overview:

  • Serves grades 6-12 in East Harlem, school district 4.
  • VALOUR will serve students who have not succeeded in public or non-public schools.
  • VALOUR will provide students with a rigorous standard-based Common Core college-prep curriculum.
  • VALOUR students will take computer science courses that lead to certification along with a REGENTS diploma.
  • Students of VALOUR will be equipped to use a wide variety of common and assistive technology tools to support their learning in and out of the classroom.

School Design:

  • VALOUR will implement a community based model to develop the whole child.
  • VALOUR will provide an extended day and extended year programming.
  • VALOUR will provide mandatory tutoring for all incoming students.
  • VALOUR will have an advisory system that includes teachers and staff who will serve as mentors.
  • VALOUR will foster strong parent-teacher partnerships; this will allot time for home visits.
  • VALOUR will partner with community-based organizations and higher education institutions.


  • Standards-based common-core curriculum
  • Implementation of National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for each subject area.
  • Computer-science, coding, web-development, graphic arts and technology literacy courses.
  • Implementation of blended-learning model
  • Enrichment classes, tutoring and extracurricular activities.

Contact Information:

For more information, please visit the website:
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