Coming Summer 2014:

~ Book: Letters to My Urban Youth by Tameka Jackson

Letters to My Urban Youth is a narrative nonfiction book comprised of several authors who candidly tell their stories about growing up in the drug-infested hood of urban Philadelphia where substance abuse and peer pressure are the norm. These young people vividly recall their stories of survival and tell how they came to be where they are today. Included in the story is a mother’s unique perspective, giving insight into how she raised her children with the help of family and community, despite the odds going against them.

The purpose of the book is twofold; to encourage youth to abstain from travelling the similar roads that the authors have experienced, and to discourage complacency among older individuals in favor of taking an active role. In a writing style intended to connect on a personal level with readers, authors reveal the agony, triumph and shortcomings of their personal lives in order to reach out to a lost generation. The message to readers is clear: no matter where one ends up in life, there is never a reason to give up and become a negative statistic. Hope springs eternal—the contents of this groundbreaking book serve to promote, uplift and encourage urban youth to not succumb to become merely a product of their environment.